Monday, May 28, 2012

Short Order

Today is national Burger day!  A lot of burger places are having special burgers to celebrate all month long.  Short Order is the latest of many gourmet burger joints opening up in LA.  Located at The Grove, this place is the collaboration of Amy Pressman and Nancy Silverman.  Perfect for sunny summer days, this sits on the edge of the original Farmer’s Market.  The best thing about this place?  Is that it has an amazing bakery sorta attached to it as well!!  

ShortO1My friend and I decided to try one of their burgers (they’re known for their high quality beef) and I had wanted to try the pretzel pups.  We also got an order of Short Order Spuds with Truffle Salt.  These are basically like rough cut potatoes tossed in yummy truffle salt.  

ShortO2For our burger we went with Nancy’s Backyard Burger.  It starts with dry aged beef, applewood bacon, avocado, tomatoes, onions and lettuce.  The meat was so delicious, I want to go back and try the Patty Melt!  I wasn’t a huge fan of the lettuce they used (maybe too much?) I think I prefer shredded lettuce or no lettuce on my burgers.  The big leaf is always so hard to eat and ends up slipping out and sliding down your face.  No bueno when eating it on a date!  

ShortO3The Pretzel Pups weren’t what I had imagined.  For some reason in my head I had imagined mini sausages encased in pretzel dough!  But they were actually just smaller sausages and pretzel buns.  I am a sucker for a pretzel but with sauerkraut so I enjoyed it, but my friend thought that these were just so so.