About Lindselicious

Welcome to Lindselicious!  My name is Lindsey and I'm a Southern California girl, originally from Hawaii.  I love to cook, eat, travel and try my hand at different sorts of craft projects.  Being Japanese and from Hawaii I loooove carbs, however they don't love me.  So I try to watch what I eat and to abide by the 80/20 rule and cook up healthy but delish dishes in my apartment sized kitchen!  Join me as I document my attempt at healthier eating as well as indulging from time to time. 

What's Cooking

My favorite dishes to cook and eat are typically Latin, Asian or Hawaii influenced.  Living in LA I get the chance to try all the different types of street food and ethnic hole in the walls to broaden my taste bud horizons.  Since I'm a working girl who often works more than 9 to 5, during the week I'll come up with some quick and easy dishes.  I'll also try to take old favorites and add a healthier spin on them. 

Contact Me

You can reach me at Lindselicious@gmail.com or find me on Facebook or Twitter!


Thanks to Leo Matsuda for creating my banner and Aims for helping me pick a blog name!