Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thinking of Japan, awesome ways to give back!

It's been over a week since disaster has struck Japan and daily we are inundated with news on the impact of the earthquake/tsunami and the on going nuclear crisis.  Yet it saddens me that donations to Japan severely lack behind the aid given to Haiti and Katrina.  It seems that a week after those events, twice as much money had been collected for those other causes.  (To read more click here.)  For whatever reasons, Americans just aren't donating as much cash donations to Japan. 

Well like my dad always taught me, there is always more than one way to get the job done!  Here are some fundraisers where you can support fundraising efforts in Japan AND get some cool/delicious stuff for yourself.  Word!

Over at TomatoTart, they have gotten a round up of bloggers and they will have a silent auction/bakesale for yummy treats on March 30th!  FYI- There are no calories for baked goods that benefit a good cause!

Over at Bento4Japan they have a variety of raffles, ebay auctions, and lots of great info.  If you have been looking to cut calories by bringing in home lunch, these bento sets and accessories will totally motivate you!

On April 2nd, there will be a Bake Sale for Japan that I plan on particpating in!  Please check the linked website for a list of cities and locations, there will be tons of great baked goods, art pieces and oragami crane folding at all locations. 

If you are looking for some great handmade art pieces, Handmade for Japan is having an ebay auction from March 24-27th!  Click here to see the great stuff lined up. 

Giant Robot is hosting a raffle where your donations to UNICEF (in 5-10 dollar increments) will put you in the race to win some cool stuff.  Even if you don't win, Giant Robot is sending everyone who participates a discount coupon to use later online or at one of their stores!

Also be sure to check your local newspapers for great info of restaurants donating a portion of their profits towards Japan!  Here in Los Angeles - LA Weekly has started a great list, Takami is even giving 100% of their profits to the Red Cross Relief Funds.  Sounds like a great excuse to go get some great sushi and their lychee martini is to die for! 

There are tons of great events that already happened this weekend and I'm sure more will be announced in the coming days.  Hopefully we will see an increase in donations in the coming week, as we see more news coverage of the nuclear crisis and how so many workers have selfishly and tirelessly worked in order to save their countrymen.



Wonderful ways to help out!

Nami @ Just One Cookbook said...

What a great way to help people in Japan. We had a charity event past weekend too. I heard Red Cross is not getting much donation compared to Haiti and Katrina. Maybe people think of Japan as a rich country... I was really shocked to see the numbers when I saw in an article (forgot which news it was).

Maggie said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to rubbing elbows with you at Los Angeles Bakesale for Japan! And I'm very glad to have discovered your lovely blog.

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