Friday, April 8, 2011

AB&J Grilled Cheese

Did you know that April is Grilled Cheese month?!  Grilled cheese is actually probably one of my most favorite foods in the world.  You know that question, "If you could eat only one things for the rest of your life what would it be?"  Every time I will answer grilled cheese.  In honor of that I thought I would try to recreate one of the best Grilled Cheese sandwiches I had when I was visiting Chicago at Hopleaf.  This sandwich uses Morbier cheese which is a yummy semi soft cows cheese that has a thin layer of ash running through the middle of it.  It's a rich and creamy cheese that pairs so well in this sandwich. 

This sandwich is so simple, yet puts together an awesome combination of salty, sweet and savory.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

AB&J Grilled Cheese
inspired by Hopleaf

2 slices wheat sourdough bread
Almond butter with sea salt
Fig jam
Morbier Cheese
Light Mayonnaise

1.  Heat skillet on medium high heat.  Spread a light layer of mayonnaise on one side of both sides of bread. 
2.  Grab one slice of bread and on the side without mayonnaise, spread a layer of fig jam and then spread a layer of almond butter over the jam.
3.  Slice your Morbier cheese and layer over the almond butter and fig jam.  Place the second slice of bread on top mayo side up and place in skilliet. 
4.  Cook until each side turns golden brown and crispy. 

Happy Grilled Cheese Month!  Hope you enjoy.  I've also started a twitter account so you can follow me here as well as on Facebook


Nami @ Just One Cookbook said...

Hi Lindsey! This combination is interesting. I've had fig jam before and it went well with some kind of cheese (blue cheese, I think), but I never thought of making it grilled cheese sandwich with it! I also never had almond butter or "morbier" cheese. With the fig inside, this sandwich already sounds fancy! Yummy!

BestOodles said...

This cheese sandwich look delicious and unusual combination. I will try when I can find almond butter and morbier cheese. said...

You went all out for this grilled cheese sandwich!! I love the flavors... great job!!

Trish said...

I love grilled cheese too. This sandwich sounds so unique and yummy. Thanks for sharing.

Lindselicious said...

You can find almond butter and morbier cheese at your local Trader Joe's.

Juliana said...

Grilled cheese with fig jam? I'd love to try this combination...must be so so tasty. Have a great week ahead Lindsey :-)

Lyndsey ~The Tiny Skillet~ said...

This grilled cheese looks amazing! I have some fig jam and almond butter already, since I eat that on my toast every morning. I haven't tried morbier cheese yet, but am willing to try any it!

Gourmantine said...

Now this sounds really interesting and have to admit never had fig jam with grilled cheese before... Thanks for sharing :)

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