Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Truffled Egg Salad

The Plaza hotels afternoon tea was a delicious treat that I shared with my mom in New York.  One of my favorites was the luxurious truffle quail egg salad sandwich (pictured below).  I knew I wanted to come home and try to recreate it!  One of my favorite types of foods are simple comfort classics that are elevated with a gourmet twist.   


Truffle Egg Salad Sandwich
inspired by Plaza Hotel

4 eggs
1 Tbsp. truffle oil
1/4 - 1/2 tsp. truffle salt
1 Tbsp. mayonnaise
3 Tbsp. crème fraiche

1.  Boil and peel eggs and place in a bowl.  Coarsely chop/mash the eggs.  *I normally remove some of the egg yolk since I don’t like it too yolky.*

2.  Add in truffle oil, truffle salt, mayo and crème fraiche.  Mix well and add chopped chives and season with pepper. 


Serve on toasted bread or crackers.  *My favorite is to serve it on Japanese bread!!  This would also taste amazing with a nice thin piece of crispy prosciutto. *

For those of you in Los Angeles, you have to be living in a hole not to have heard about “carmaggedon”- aka the closing of the 405 freeway for 53 hours.  This is supposed to be an event of epic proportions causing a traffic nightmare impacting all the way to Oregon, Vegas and Mexico.  *That is what KROQ said, so I choose to believe and quote it.*  For those of you looking for something fabulous to do in West LA the Eat Real Fest is happening in Culver City.  There will be DIY demos, food vendors, food crafts and even some celebrity TV chefs!  I will be there on Saturday and hopefully have a recap and some pics that I can post.