Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dinner at Nobu’s in Hawaii

On Christmas Eve I went to Nobu’s for an omakase dinner with my dad and step mom when I was home in Hawaii.  I was excited to go since Nobu’s was actually one of the first “fancy” restaurants that I went to with my dad when we had traveled to New York together when I was in High School.  I remember being severed paper thin slices of raw beef that we then cooked at the table on a smooth stone that had been sitting in an oven for hours. 

We started out meal with yummy cocktails lychee martinis, pickled pear sangrias and wine.  The first course we had with the omakase was Bigeye and Bluefin Toro tartar with caviar and a Japanese berry as a palate cleanser.  The fish was so amazing it literally melted in my mouth and the soy caviar burst in our mouths accenting the tuna so nicely. 

Nobu1Our next course was a house smoked King Salmon with Maui onions and ponzu.  For those of you who have never tried a Maui onion its almost sweet with a very subtle taste that paired so nicely with the rich taste of the salmon.


For our salad course we had a Ma’o Farm salad with Botan Ebi Sashimi with soy salt and a yuzu foam.  The shrimp was amazing, my dad can’t eat shrimp, so my stepmom and I shared his as well!!


Next was my favorite course of the night, a Pan Seared Scallop with Roasted Corn and a Mascarpone Cake with Tomato and Sea Asparagus.  Not only do I love all the ingredients in here but the Mascarpone Cake literally melted in my mouth. 

Nobu4  Our other main course was a Sake-Braised Wagyu Short Rib with a Root Veggie Puree and a Mushroom Confit.  The Short Ribs literally fell apart when our forks hit it and I my dad could not get enough of the root veggie puree. 


Our sushi course was simple and excellent courses of sashimi along with a Miso Lobster Soup.  We all weren’t huge fans of the Miso Soup, but the sushi melted in my mouth. 



Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, they brought out our final course.  A “Snowball” Coconut Panna Cotta and Mouse with Raspberries, Chocolate Goma Crunch and Meringue.  I am a sucker for Coconut Panna Cotta, so I just loved this!


Such an amazing meal!  Everything so well executed true to what Nobu has been known for, for years.  I definitely want to go back and try their Happy Hour menu and specials.