Thursday, June 9, 2011

East Coast Tour: Part 1 NYC

Hello!  I just got back from a two week long trip to the East Coast with my mom.  First stop on our trip- New York City!  I love to visit New York and this trip was no different.  We were able to stay at the W in heart of Time Square and as luck would have it my friend A’s mom was also visiting the same time we were!  The night we got in we had a “Mommy Dinner” at Elsewhere and then A and I had drinks at the bar in the W. 

Day 1 was a visit to Rockefeller Plaza, Radio City and Afternoon Tea at the Plaza!  Not going to bore you too much with what we bought, where we went and how far we walked (one day we did 22,500 steps- roughly 7 miles!!!)- cause I know most of you are interested in the eats!!  


Afternoon Tea at the Plaza!  Classic Tea above and New York Tea below.  I need to re-create that truffled quail egg salad sandwich!  Also why are things so yummy when they are mini?   


The Plaza if you ever get a chance to visit, is one of my favorite places in New York.  Something about it just says old time elegance, I had done tea there years ago and I had always wanted to come back and take my mom.  Mission accomplished! 


We couldn’t leave New York without visiting one of my new Burger Favorites- Shake Shack!  A had even given me a gift card for my birthday!  This time I got to try their custard too! 


On day 2, we had decided to visit the 9/11 memorial, Century 21 and Chelsea Market! 


Look at all the crazy delicious stuff at Chelsea Market!  There was so much stuff I wanted to eat or bring back back home. 


These great NYC cookies were from Eleni’s, they had the most amazing cookies.  (Even a Hello Kitty!)


Mmm and the awesome chocolate chip cookie from Jacques Torres.  And one of my favorite stores- Filling Station!  Just flavored salts, oils and balsamic vinegars!  If this were our last stop, I would have bought so much!!!  (Blueberry vinegar and Honey Ginger Vinegar I am so sad I left you behind)


A trip to NY with mom is not complete without a Broadway show!   We went to see Mary Poppins, which my mom and I both absolutely loved.  This movie was one of my childhood favorites, my cousin and I used to watch it almost every single time I went over to her house.  The musical was great, it was like taking a journey back to your childhood.  I think I watched the entire show with a huge smile on my face. I am now re-obsessed with the movie and can’t wait to watch it again (and again).  


Mom and I also made it down to Central Park and the SoHo area for some more shopping.  But you know I couldn’t leave New York without making a quick stop at Momofuku Milk Bar for some cookies as well!  Mom didn’t love NYC that much, the hustle and bustle might be too big of a jump from island life in Hawaii.  Her favorite was our next stop, Boston!!