Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birdseye Steamfresh!

As part of FoodBuzz’s Tastemaker program, I get to sample a bunch of products!  Imagine my happiness that when I came home one day and found a box sitting outside my door with some of Birds Eye’s new products!  Inside were some of their new Steamfresh items that are lightly sauced.  In the goodie box they sent me I got some Creamed Spinach, Roasted Red Potatoes and Green Beans and two types of Risotto. 


The first item that I tried was of course the creamed spinach.  I was little worried about the nutritional stats would be, but I was pleasantly surprised since the stats were a lot lower than I had thought.  Who knew you could have creamed spinach that was light right?  I popped it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and I had a side dish to my meatballs in minutes! 


The creamed spinach was yummy, though I did add some salt and pepper for additional flavor.  I will actually probably buy this product again since I felt like I was being naughty but the stats were so good! 

The other item I couldn’t wait to try was one of the Risottos.  I had grand ideas of what I would do with the Risotto… Make some risotto cakes, sear some scallops, but time ran out and the risotto rescued me and helped me to create the best 10 minute dinner!  I tried the Mushroom and Green Bean Risotto with some lemon grass chicken egg rolls that I popped into the toasted oven. 


Best 10 minute meal ever!  I wasn’t really sure what I was going to get with the Risotto, I sorta expected a rich creamy mess.  But I was pleasantly surprised that the Risotto didn’t feel to heavy with cream and I could actually really taste the mushroom flavor in this dish! 

126 The verdict?  While the risotto was good, I’m not sure if I would buy it again.  Mostly since I am trying to eat healthier and I loved the creamed spinach!  The best thing about this is that you do not create any dirty dishes, you just microwave it in the bag!  I can’t wait to try the Red Potato and Green Beans and the other Risotto I have waiting for me. 

Disclosure:  As part of the Tastemaker program I received free product from Birds Eye.  However the opinions expressed are my own and I am not receiving compensation from Birds Eye.