Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Perfect Weekend, Unique LA

Sometimes you have a weekend that just makes you smile from ear to ear.  Hanging out with friends, discovering great new eats, sharing in laughs over drinks and enjoying what summer has to offer.  Last weekend was one of those magical weekends for me.  I want to do a recap of Unique LA for you, but here are some other fun pics from the weekend. 


Dear LA, sometimes I <3 you…



On Saturday I went to Unique LA, a craft fair of sorts with products all made in Los Angeles or by US designers!  There was jewelry, food, art, clothing, soaps, DIY work stations, FREE BEER!!  literally something for everyone!!

First Stop:  Food Trucks!!  We had some bites from Flying Pig, Naan Stop, The Grilled Cheese Truck and Crème Caramel LA!  


Delish pork belly buns and duck tacos from Flying Pig!


MC eating the Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese!  We also had the Brie, fig, roasted turkey and almond sandwich and the Smores (Nutella, graham and marshmallow) dessert sandwich from the Grilled Cheese Truck. 


And most excitingly…. The Caramelized Spam Bread Pudding from Crème Caramel LA!  Don’t be jealous, this was a “secret” menu item that I found out about from their Facebook page.  You may remember that I tried to taste them at Eat Real Fest, Kristine from Crème Caramel contacted me and assured me they would have lots this time.  It was worth the wait!  Since I am a Hawaii girl I liked the spam, my friends all gravitated towards the bacon version instead.  I wanted to get another one for the road, but my friend reminded me that “healthy eating starts on Monday”….

On to the fun stuff.. Shopping!!


Fascinators, headbands and hats from Pooka Queen!


Adorable Angry Birds cake toppers!


Check this sexy dress I got from the lovely ladies at Future Standard!
 (Image from Future Standard website)


I got these earrings from Seapony Couture!  Well mine have bits of white chain at the bottom too, cause I’m fun like that.
(Imagine from Seapony Couture)

We all bought something from Cast Iron Gourmet!  Their bacon, bacon crack, bacon chutney… Mmmm all pure evil genius!  Did I mention they have lamb and duck bacon too? 


Of course we had to have some Photo Booth fun!! 

I also managed to visit an Obon festival in Little Tokyo.  Obon is a Buddhist festival held in July to honor your ancestors, for more info you can read here.  Growing up Obon was all about the Bon Dance and Japanese treats that they would sell there!  I love looking at the lanterns lit up at night, the smell of dango and teriyaki chicken in the air and the sound of the taiko drums filling the night. 

ObonOh and did I mention the BINGO games?? 

BingoUnfortunately I did not win a single game of Bingo.  The cutest old Japanese lady won the big jackpot!  Cash and a gift certificate to Mr. Ramen, I’m sure that made her week!

I’ve sorta veered from my healthy eating (as you can probably tell)… BUT- I’m making an effort to get back on track with the healthier eating and I am starting a new bootcamp class tomorrow morning!  Why I want to work out at 6:30 in the morning is beyond me, but I signed up to do bootcamp three times a week.  Please pray that this new trainer does not make me run (I hate running) and that I make it through the class.  Eek!  What do you all do to keep in shape?