Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Korean Sushi, Kimbap

I never had Korean sushi till I came up to Los Angeles and visited my first Korean Market.  I spotted it in the prepared food section and got so excited, because I saw that Korean sushi (Kimbap) had marinated beef in it!  Even more exciting, the sushi was also seasoned with some sesame seed oil and salt as well. 

Kimbap quickly became one of my favorite comfort foods.  We picked it up for potlucks, tailgates, road trip, etc.- it is the perfect snack to throw in your bag and take with you on your adventures.  However, this is one of those recipes that its hard to write a recipe for…  Everyone makes it differently and it is definitely one of those recipes that no one ever measures out the ingredients, you just sorta know what is needed.  So think of this as your loose guide, and select your ingredients and season according to your own tastes!


recipe from Sage

1 package sushi nori or Korean Nori
1 package takuan, sliced into strips
4 sticks imitation crab
1 container Korean seasoned spinach
1 package of bulgogi (Korean seasoned meat)
1 carrot, shredded
4 eggs, scrambled and cooked as an omelet
2-3 cups rice
fishcake, cut into strips
sesame seed oil
sesame seeds

1.  Cook the rice and prep all of the ingredients.  *Optional: Season the rice with sesame seed oil and sesame seeds* 


2.  Layout your nori on top of the sushi mat.  Add a thin layer of rice, leaving room at the end to seal your sushi roll.  Place the variety of ingredients that you would like in your roll. 


3.  Carefully roll the sushi, pulling back rightly and continue to roll all the ingredients.  Seal the sushi by lightly wetting the exposed piece of nori. 


4.  Cut sushi roll with a wet sharp knife. 


If you want better instructions on how to roll sushi (it’s just one of those things I grew up doing, so for some reason I can’t describe how to do it), check out these links!  They both have great step by step pictures and instructions on how to make a sushi roll. 

Move over California roll and make room for Kimbap!!  This savory sushi roll is great for those of you who don’t do the raw fish thing too.