Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday Cooking Club: Crab Boil

We had a second meeting for our Sunday Cooking Club and this time we decided to say good bye to summer and have a Crab Boil.  This time the menu consisted of garlic cheddar biscuits, seafood chowder, our crab boil and a lemon crunch cake!! 

Growing up in Hawaii I had never done a Crab Boil before, so I was super excited!  We got a huge pot and placed it on the grill.  We loaded up the crabs on the bottom, a packet of crab boil seasonings, layered in some garlic, potatoes, onions, shrimp, mussels, corn and sausages.  Yes- we put all that goodness in one pot.  Just watch!   




We placed the pot on the grill and let the steaming and boiling go to work!!  We may have been a little overly ambitious and put too much in the pot.  Since we had so much in there we had to have it on for a while, we may have over cooked the mussels and shrimp just a tad…. Despite that everything was super delish!  Here it comes…

Food_Kudo12Pineapple and Cajun sausages and fresh crisp summer corn!  I love fresh summer corn it was the perfect side to the crab.  The sausages were really tasty too I liked the spicy Cajun but some of the other girls loved the sweetness of the pineapple. 

Food_Kudo13 Our slightly overcooked shrimp and mussels (sorry little ones) next time we’ll give you more TLC. 


And our main star, the crab!  We did two kinds of crab Dungeness and Stone crab!  So good with a little dip of butter and a squeeze of lemon.  


Oh and of course we had garlic and cheese biscuits to go with everything.  And some seafood chowder (which I will be sharing the recipe for later). 


And you cant have a cooking club/girls night without an amazing dessert.  A little bit Southern by way of Hawaii- Lemon Crunch Cake!!   


Our club thrives on, next month we taking a break from cooking and we are going to go Apple Picking!!!  I have been trying to get this arranged for two years, finally everyone is free, there are no USC Football games and we have selected a date.  Now just to find the perfect farms to check out.