Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Manhattan Beach Post

Recently my friend Amy came back down to LA to visit with her husband for her birthday.  Knowing that she loves to hang out in the South Bay area, we decided to go to Manhattan Beach Post.  The chef David LeFevre has been at other well known spots in LA and he recently opened up this more casual/seasonal dining spot in Manhattan Beach.  The restaurant is a couple of blocks up from the beach and has a beachy contemporary industrial feel to it and the bar at the front of the restaurant looked like a fun place to hang out. 


We started off the meal with their delicious pretzel bread and a couple orders of the bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits with maple butter.  This was seriously one of my favorite things we ordered, everyone on our table thoroughly enjoyed these.  Ok truth be told we had multiple orders of this, since everyone enjoyed it so much!!


We all tried some of the specialty cocktails, I didn’t really love what I ordered, but my friend ordered this lovely cocktail that smelt soooo good and looked so pretty.  Look at those peaches! 



We started with a delicious sashimi plate with Hawaiian Kanpachi with puffed black rice.  And of course we had to order the steamed mussels that was swimming in a green curry sauce.  The birthday girl and I both looooove mussels.  It’s always a toss up between mussels and steak tartar at any restaurant I go to.   




We also got a few more things off the seafood section.  The boys ordered the soft-shell blue crab with chili sauce and apple puree. (I have to be in the mood to eat soft-shell crab, I feel like it’s a lot of effort.  That might just be a crazy me thing though)  This fish was wood grilled Walu with Kalmata olives and a summer vinaigrette. 


This was one of my favorite dishes of the night,  See those yellow packets of goodness?  Those are corn agnolotti over braised pork belly.  So so good, I need to figure out how to make those corn agnolotti!!   


On to the meaty yumminess!  On the left it was a skirt steak with a red chimichurri sauce and on the right soy braised short ribs with grilled kim chee.  So many of these dishes were cooked in cast iron pans which sealed in the juices and seared the meats perfectly. 



Of course we had some veggies too….  Asparagus with a poached Jidori egg, roasted Brussels sprouts with emmenthal cheese, sage and hazelnuts, Fe Fi Fo Fum Fries (seriously so good) and a grilled sweet corn polenta dish.  Of these the stars were definitely the Brussels sprouts and the fries.  The Brussels sprouts were cooked to perfection and literally melted in your mouth.  The fries were thick, crispy and soft at the same time and the dipping sauces were amazing! 

LA 2011 018

Overall a delicious meal and a fun night catching up with friends! Come back again Amy so we can go to INK!!!