Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Wedding in North Carolina

The first half of my trip to North Carolina was off to a great start!  I got to try Cracker Barrel, authentic North Carolina style BBQ and some awesome ice cream!  On the day of the wedding, we went back into downtown Pittsboro and we were in luck since they were having a fair that day! 

NC30   NC31NC33

After walking around a bit, we were back to our B and B to rest up and get ready for the wedding.  We headed over to the Goat Cheese farm a little early since they had set up tons of fun lawn games like ladder ball for the guests to play while having drinks.  There was also so much to see at the goat cheese farm itself!



Soon it was time for the wedding festivities to begin!

NC24     NC60


For the reception we had Mint Juleps and another amazing meal!  One of the things that I fell in love with was the fresh goat cheese that was crusted with curry powder.  AMAZING!  Oh and the duck pate…



Dinner was super delish as well!!  Overall an excellent trip, I can’t wait to go back to North Carolina again.  Everything from the food, the people, the trees (amazing!!! So sad I didn’t take any pictures of all the amazing trees we saw while driving) and just being exposed to a more rural area of America was totally eye opening and wonderful for me.  Congrats again my friend Char who looked amazing on her wedding day!  XOXO   


We had another great meal before we left, where I got to try Pickle Chips!  (Not a pickle fan but was loving the pickle chips)  AND I had sweet potato tater tots.  Can we say- GENIUS? 

NC10  NC11