Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Trip to North Carolina

My good friend Charlotte got married about a month ago in North Carolina.  A whole bunch of us got on a plane from Los Angeles and made out way out east.  Have never really been to the “South” I was so excited to try all the goodies that were waiting for me.  I had one cheesy request when we got off the plane, “Can we please please try Cracker Barrel?!?” 


My friends being the good sports they are were totally game for checking it out!  We actually went straight there from the airport to get some breakfast.  For those of you who have never been to a Cracker Barrel, there is a cute little country store selling all kinda goodies.  Breakfast turned out to be a great idea, please meet my new love:


Why hello Lover!!!  Chicken Fingers sandwiched between buttery biscuits.  Completed with a side of hash brown casserole, eggs and grits!  Is it wrong to be so excited that all this goodness was only $5.99?  

Next we headed to the cutest little Bed and Breakfast in the town of Pittsboro and we went about exploring the little “Main Street” area.  On our way we stopped at the Piggly Wiggly (who knew they really existed?!) and each bought some local goods.

NC6  NC2


Oh yes here at the Piggly Wiggly there were hams and pig parts galore (things I have never seen packaged, prepared or in the deli case before) and yes I stumbled upon these beauties.  Yes that is a single serving of wine in a “to-go” container.  A faux glass (to keep it classy) complete with a pop off lid.  I actually bought the Riesling for my friend to try when she was getting ready for the wedding and we heard that it was actually quite delish.  A steal at $2.99! 

Then we ventured down to S & T Soda Shoppe and had a quick lunch and of course ice cream.  I had an amazing Banana Cream Pie flavored ice cream (bits of banana, nilla wafers and whipped cream all mixed in).  My friend Jen had the largest ice cream float EVER.

NC9         NC4

We then headed to rehearsal dinner, which was being held at the Celebrity Goat Cheese Dairy Farm.  We had amazing North Carolina style BBQ from the famous Allen and Sons.  It was here I met my other Southern love, the Hush Puppy.  Did you know that hush puppies with duck pate is amazing?  Well, it is….  

NC56 NC36



Brunswick stew, North Carolina style slaw, hush puppies, potato salad, and BBQ pork.  And for dessert, Apple Pie with Goat Milk Ginger Ice Cream.  YUM!!!!  To end the night we all participated in some Moonshine drinking and a super fun bonfire. 


The weekend was off to a super amazing start!  There’s so much I want to share that this will be a two part post, hope you all don’t mind.